Learn Lingo About Sexuality and Gender

Do some of the terms in this graphic puzzle you? The way people refer to sexuality and gender changes over time, and it seems in the last decade, this change has accelerated. This discussion will explore sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship styles. 

While gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight were the terms most often used, now many use terms that break down identity further into sexual orientation and romantic orientation. These terms intersect with the way people describe gender identities that fall outside the male-female binary. In addition, there have always been people who were in romantic relationships with more than one person, but those relationships are discussed more openly now. We will also discuss some of those different relationship styles. 


We all have questions about how our mind and body changes as a result of menopause. “What is menopause and why does menopause happen? What are the symptoms? How can I manage the transition through menopause? What should I expect post-menopause?”

This interactive event will discuss menopause with a special focus on the lesbian community. Join Ashley Haymond, PhD for a frank discussion of physical, mental, and sexual health during this midlife transition. Everyone’s experience is different so you will have an opportunity to share your story if you wish and to listen to others.